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Welcome to Nomadic Journey!

Hello Nomads and guests! Thank you for coming to the forum and welcome to Nomadic Journey. We have a few clan rules that new recruits will have to learn to follow if they want to continue to call this place home. The rules aren't tedious, they are reasonable and help to keep the community strong and friendly. 

1. Donate and request as much as possible, no ratio (but just requesting with no compensation is also frowned upon), just be active.

2. Do not ask for Elder or Co-Leader, they are earned with loyalty, activity and contribution.

3. Please keep the chats as friendly and polite as possible.

4. Archers and Wizards are always an accepted donation. Archers are default. Request frequently!

5. Participate in Clan Wars! We have a regular clan war schedule and expect every participant to give their best effort. You may opt out of the war by notifying an Elder or Leader. Registered members can see the War Rules.
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